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ANALITICA LTDA is a technological company, specialized in Consultancy, Software Development, Internet, Integration, Technical Support, Hosting and Multimedia Magazines. Our solutions include a variety of products: AZ-Digital (ECM- Enterprise Content Management System), SGP (Business Process Management - BPM), SGC (Quality Management System for ISO 9000:2008), CRM (Customer Relationship Management System), SGJ (Juridical Management System), SGA (Academic Management System) and SGT (Transport Management System).

Since December 2002 ANALITICA LTDA is recognized at national level, and international markets such as Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, among others, as a leader in software development solutions. Our work is based on a mature methodology, a training program and a philosophy of customer service. With our expertise in the automation of processes and documents, and content management software we have achieved high quality standards and successfully accomplish the expectations of our customers.

Our philosophy is based on:

• High quality products and services.

• Problem solution that involve high-tech and engineering.

• Long term relations with our customers, providers and partners.


ANALITICA LTDA is distributor of world leader software companies like Adobe, Canon, Kofax, ITP Commerce and Datamax, which allow us to integrate solutions in process modeling, apprehension, generation and distribution of digital content.

Presently, ANALITICA LTDA has implemented its technology on document and content management, process automation management and integration, in different industries like banking, petroleum sector, transport, real estate and juridical, following management rules quality based on ISO 9000.

10 good reasons to choose ANALITICA LTDA


ANALITICA LTDA is the only software house in Colombia that has a content manager and a process manager, 100% web.


Development quality technology solutions at a reasonable cost.


We work with proprietary and third party products, allowing us to work with great flexibility, and therefore develop software tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Development projects in a short period of time. Our average duty cycle is 4 months.


We continuously monitored the development of each project.


We create light and handy software. Platforms designed to operate nimbly with low hardware requirements.


We use commercial infrastructure which is supported worldwide, and also operates natively on most hardware and operating systems available on the market.


Scalable designs, enabling fast adaptation to changes and virtually unlimited growth.


Guaranteed support products. We maintain continuous availability of support staff. In addition, we offer upgrades versions of a particular company's solution, inclusive to all our customers.


We comply with global standards for SOA, BPM, WS, among others, which means that our technology is not proprietary, but promotes the availability for the client to resume the development of their applications and process with their engineers.


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